BOD Agenda - June 22, 2021

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc. 

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors 



Board Meeting Date:            

June 22, 2021 Location:                               

Virtual Meeting Commencement Time:   6:00 pm

Estimated Time

1.      Meeting Opening

1.1    Call to Order/Begin Recording/Welcome/Attendance

1.2    Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3    Amend/Approve Previous Minutes

1.4    Public Input/Correspondence

1-minute time limit per speaker

1.5    Announcements


10 minutes

2.      Action Items

2.1    Vote on changing BOD meeting schedule from 2 meetings to 1 per month

2.2    Vote on board positions

2.3    Vote on 21/22 station budget


15 minutes

3.      Staff and Committee Updates

0 minutes

4.             Matters for Discussion

4.1     Budget discussion

4.2     Re-opening of the station discussion

4.3     Board positions and recruitment


35 Minutes

5.             Meeting Finalization

5.1    Review Items for next BOD Agenda

5.2    Meeting Close/Thank You


Next BOD meeting scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 6PM via Zoom.


1 Minute

6.             Closed Session

6.1 Matters concerning individual employee

30 Minutes


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