Installation Begins - Should be complete in January 2024

Listener support has been essential in KZFR’s success over the past 33 years. Without you, the listener and supporter, KZFR wouldn’t be the valued, community resource that it is. KZFR is only possible thanks to the ongoing support of music and information lovers like you.

Thanks to the ongoing support of loyal listeners we were able to purchase 2 new Operating Boards. This new equipment will improve the sound quality of the community radio shows you love and help ensure KZFR can continue to serve the community for many years to come.

Installation Begins in December 2023. Installation of the new Operating Boards will be a multi-step process. First Step will entail updating our systems to meet the needs of this new equipment. While techs are working on rewiring things, we will lose our live stream on this website (approx. 10am-6pm on 12/13/23) but it will NOT interrupt our terrestrial broadcast at 90.1 FM so you'll still be able to enjoy your favorite shows on the radio.

Multi-Step Process to be completed in January 2024. If all goes well with the upgrades we expect to have the installation of the new Operating Boards complete by the end of January 2024.

We appreciate your support & patience while we begin this important upgrade process!

Notes on the Steps:

On Tuesday, 12/12 Christensen Communications came to the studio to do a cable drop of cat5e and cat6 ethernet cables into the Production Room and the Broadcast Studio. This is necessary because the new boards we purchased, AudioArts DMX16, are digital, meaning they send sound via ethernet cables as opposed to audio cables. 

On Wednesday, 12/13 Logiic Inc installed a Server Rack into our server closet to house our servers, phone system, gigaport switches, back up archive, streaming equipment, and more. The boards will be connected to the broadcast equipment and respective studios by connecting the ethernet cables dropped by Christensen into the rack that was erected by Logiic. 

No worries! You can listen to your favorite shows in our Archive any time you want for 2 weeks after the original air date.
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12:53pm, 2-5-2024
This new show explores the wonderful sounds of open genre music. Electronic, dance, Latin, soulful & jungle beat grooves with a mashup of everything in between!
12:10pm, 1-31-2024
To categorize artists might make it easier to organize record stores and playlists but there’s no one term that could define any artist, least of all one like Lizzie No!